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GlobeRisk Ltd

The financial sector typically spends 20%-40% of its operating cost base on governance, controls, audit risk models and risk management. and this is before charge-offs for credit losses, insurance claims, larger operational risk items and other unanticipated adverse events.

Despite this massive infrastructure, few global regulatory agencies are impressed by what they see and fewer CEO believe that their firms get good value.

GlobeRisk Ltd is a new management consultancy business focussed on enabling firms to

  • right size these areas to deliver significant cost savings
  • exploit risk taking capability, capital management, regulation, finance and/or operations, innovatively and cost effectively to create profit and competitive advantage
  • take advantage from the global move towards risk based financial sector regulation

GlobeRisk specialises in businesses where the taking or pooling of risk lies at the core of the business proposition. We aim to deliver intelligent solutions, but we will always have a bias towards achievable, pragmatic implementation in line with our philosophy that the best route to long term success is a consistent ability to get things done.

Our clients and experience extend across the entire financial sector, in which we include corporate treasury and quasi financial trading businesses (for example, commodity and energy traders). We aim to bring five distinctive areas of competence, as part of our expertise base in best practice and leading edge techniques:

GlobeRisk operates through a network of consultants and associates. To arrange a preliminary discussion please contact us by at or call Angela Smith, Managing Director, on 07979 703137. Subject to contract, we can generally offer considerable service flexibility; ranging from secondment, through interim management to consultancy on a fixed, contingent or success basis.